24 December 2007


It was a moonlit night of December.
The winter trees gleamed in the yellow moon.
I opened the doors and windows of my room for my God.
Then I was waiting for a great night with Him,
A serene night, of freezing wind and streaming moonlight.
Abruptly, a hot palm touched on my shoulder.
It was devil with burning red eyeballs.
Amazingly, the doors were shut.
Yes, I had made him the master of my room,
Before I opened it for Him.
He hugged me to his broad chest.
He smelled like shabby clothes.
Though I was emetic, I moved very closer to him.
Somebody knocked at my door.
I knew who it was.
Devil smiled brutally and let me go.
But I begged him to hold me tight in his arms.
I was afraid of the guest outside.
Because I fear those who love me more than I love them.
Time went on.
I don’t know when the sound of knocking ended.
The next day passengers told me about a stranger,
Who waited out of my room all the night,
And left the place after sunrise.

Posted by Bineesh Kalapurackal


  1. I went through it, not once...but many times...Good.very good...Really wonderful. All the best and contiue adding. Eagerly waiting for your adds...

  2. No words,makes curious...beautiful.keep writing.best wishes.