1 November 2007

The long awaited dream….

At last, we, the Indian community of Mater Ecclesiae, with all eagerness, enthusiasm, proud and with shouts of joy and claps of hands proclaimed together that the dreams of a generation have bloomed and blossomed. Yes, it was the feeling of all the Indians of PCIMME after the inauguration of the new website by Rev. Fr. Binu Mundakamyalil for the Indian brothers with the title “Ormakkayi” during the multi-purpose gathering of 3rd November 2007 at 5.30 pm. Really, it was a dream, a vision emerged and took shape in the minds of many and had been passed over to the successors and today by the deep-rooted informational sense and artistic skill of Bros. Jaimon, Pradeep and Nelson together with the master mind of Bro. Sinto, the leader of Indian community helped to achieve what many have visualized and it gave shape to the formation of the blog http://www.materindians.blogspot.com/. They were fully active and open towards the dream and were sure that, they are making a new history for the Indian Community of Maria Mater Ecclesiae, Rome. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your breath taking efforts.
It was a day of joy for Indian community in numerous ways. First of all, the day specially dedicated to the remembrance of Mr. Gnanendran, the departed father of Bro. Vincent Sabu, from the diocese of Neyyattinkara. Rev. Fr. Alosius and Fr. Michel concelebrated the Holy Eucharist in the morning and in which we all took part lively and actively, remembered and prayed in a very special way for the departed soul. The Holy Mass was a symbolic gesture and public testimony of our love towards Bro. Vincent. It recalled to everyone's mind all the blessings and favours Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Master showered on us. It was also an ecclesial experience of communion and fellowship and the day was also blessed with the birthday of Bros. Binu and Shajan.
Our gathering started at 5.30 pm, and immediately after the prayer. Three things were focused upon, in the gathering.
Ø to celebrate the birthdays of the last month,
Ø to select a leader and asst. leader for the Christmas programme,
Ø to launch the new Blog.
Bro. Isac brought out the necessity of celebrating birthdays and greeted the Birthday babes. The next was a long term of tit and tat for the election of the captain and asst. captain for Christmas programme. It was the most interesting and pain-taking item in the agenda and finally Bro. Binoj accepted the decision of the community to be the coordinator of Christmas programme 2007 and Bro. Shajan shared a part of it. The inauguration of the new blog and the inaugural speech by Rev. Fr. Binu brought up the idea of fellowship and the need of communication with the others gave new light and spirit to the community. Bro. Jaimon, the architect, introduced the system to the community. The community appreciated him and his co-workers for their strenuous efforts. Going from one aspect to another with the mind and heart of the skilled artists, dramatists and theologians they have brought out the best for the present and future generations. With the sharing of the common meal, a customary Indian food, the celebrations reached up to its peak. This multi-purpose meeting was also an occasion of introspection, renovation, and expansion of our union and to evaluate the growth of our community for the betterment. This juncture was made use to thank the Good Lord for the manifold blessings we have received from the Triune God.

In the history of Indians of Mater Ecclesiae the year 2007 without any doubt, is a turning point. Throughout the last years of history we were a plant of slow but steady growth and had undergone and withstands the shocks and adversities of the time. As the millennium draws to close, we are looking forward with great excitement, tinged no doubt with much apprehension and with flourished hope to the horizons, with a well-worked out system of World Wide Web (www), to translate its dreams into realities and to go beyond the boundaries…

Posted by Joseph Kalathil Scaria


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  2. Congratulations to the visionaries and the legislators of this great event. Thanks for the site and we will be updated through the site...