1 November 2007

Cricket at Mater Ecclesiae

It was in 2003 the first time Indians played Cricket match in Maria Mater Ecclesiae International stadium. Before our companions were not acquainted with this game, especially those who were from South America. Since then Cricket has become a common game here. Earlier we had shortage of sports materials. Thanks to Fr. Scotts L.C. and Fr. Jery Paul, it was their effort that we could export latest Cricket materials from England.


We under the leadership of Fr. Eamonn L.C. organize Fanta cups every semester. The last match was held in Oct. 7th 2007. The game was organized by Bros. Joseph Chanda, and Richard. Both the teams were equal in strength, but many of our great players disappointed the audience with their poor performance.

Due to certain practical reasons we had to discontinue the match after the first game. So both the team declared as winners. Though the decision of organizers to stop the game half played made furious both the captains, Bros. Josekutty & Vincent, ultimately accepted the proposal. The day ended with Fanta supper and during the supper Bro. Vincent commented Fr. Eamonn, who also played with us, "Father, how beautiful when you lost your bails..!" He replied with a smile, "Vincent, it was more beautiful when you lost all your three stumps..!"

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