1 November 2007

Splendore of Human Life

Emmanuel Kant was astonished by two facts; stars above him and moral law within him. This within contains the key to understand and interpret the cosmos. Wake of technological progress and scientific researches, specially that of molecular biology and medicine and its application on man proposes new challenges to this splendor of within. So it is categorical for each one of us to understand and appriciate this miracle in its integrity and live a conscious life. In other words, everybody should be a testimony of life.

We encounter various life forms and life can be seen as a common denominator. If Life is taken only as an amalgam of cells, it is totally reductional. Life is the foundation on which rests all other considerations. It can be understood as a sponteneous movement that tends to an end. It is the capacity of immanent action, i.e., capacity to be the cause and end of ones actions. In the first grade of life, vegitative life, this immanance is expressed in nutrition, growth and reproduction. Whereas in the second grade of sensitive life with these elements there is sensation . As we approach to the third grade, the spiritual level which characterize man, we find conscious intellect and freedom. This difference is more than of grade and complexity, it is substantial and qualitative. Supreme form of life is associated with coscience. The conscious and autonomous life of man is the place where becomes transperant what life is, its origin from god and its destination to god.

Human person and human life are invariably connected, because it is the prerequisite with out which human person is not. First consideration here will be his createdness. Life is a splendid gift of god. As it comes from god it recieves its intrinsic value. In virtue of its divine origin in the immage and likeness of god and transcendental vocation it has sanctity; participated sanctity in relation to creator. In relation to creator who gives essence and existence to man vita semper bonum est, irrelative of the conditions where human life is found and qualitative connotations. The special creative action of god that constitute human life sacred leads to two important corollaries; non disponibility and inviolability of life. Non disponibility of life implies, though individual does not have an arbitary possession on ones life, he must limit himself and acknowledge that this life is of god and He is the only lord of this life. So he can not do with it as he wills. “ It is I who bring both death and life" (Deut. 32:39). The sacredness of life gives rise to its inviolability, written from the beginning in man's heart, in his conscience. Inviolability positively implies respect for life and negatively bans minimization and suppression of innocent human life. Every human person is to be protected, for god is the unique lord of life from its beginning to end. Hence nobody can directly destroy an innocent life.

So we can assume that God is the origin of life and man is created in the image of God. Therefore Human life is a sacred reality, fundamental value, but not absolute and moreover a gift. Hence let us respect, difend, love and serve every human life.

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Posted by Rajesh Jacob


  1. Dear Rajesh, I congratulate you for your short and sweet thought. It makes me to see the relations between Emmanuel levinas and Emanuel kant. Eventhough you did not start with Emmanuel kant, you could finish with the idea of Levinas "...hence let us respect, difend, love and serve every human life..." if we respect 'other' life, love and serve every Other,the 'ego' or the 'home' becomes transmuted into a 'neighbour' and 'a place of hospitality'So there will be a Sociochrononomy. I think this is what we lack in our community ie.,community as human community.
    So keep on writing....

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